Brickyard and Caledonia Clinic

Chrisen Moonsamy, Christine Layton

We are 2 family doctors who are passionate about maternity care and women's health. Besides offering maternity care and postpartum care, we both insert IUDs and frequently see patients with women's health concerns. We see patients at the Brickyard clinic at the north end of Nanaimo, as well as at the Campbell Street Clinic downtown Nanaimo. Through our clinics there is a walk-in clinic for after hours care, nursing staff and a large collaborative group of doctors covering a wide scope of medicine to meet your unique medical needs.

Location: Caledonia- South Nanaimo
Address: 340 Campbell St., Nanaimo,
V9R 3G7
Phone: (250) 753-3202
Fax: (250) 753-1039

Location: Brickyard- North Nanaimo
Address: 6010 Brickyard Rd, Nanaimo,
V9V 1S5
Phone: (250) 390-5200
Fax: (250) 754-7777